Work with the Best Biohazard Cleaning Company

When you are looking for the best biohazard cleaning company, look no further. We are skilled in cleaning up all kinds of biohazardous situations and at minimizing the risk of infection from pathogens. We offer the reliable and thorough cleaning you’ve been searching for.

One type of biohazardous situation that we cleanup regularly is that created by crimes. We regularly clean up after homicides, suicides, traumatic deaths, fights, traumatic injuries, and unattended deaths. While these are not all crimes, they may initially be treated as such by authorities. One thing that they all have in common is that they likely involve blood or other bodily fluid spill.

Blood and other bodily fluids can contain pathogens that can infect anyone who comes into contact with materials contaminated by them. We work to cut down on the risk of potential infection by disinfecting all surfaces and materials at the scene where we work. Sometimes, we cannot salvage particular items, such as flooring, carpeting, and drywall. These items are safely removed and disposed of in accordance with the law on biohazardous cleanup. Then the space is safe and ready to be reconstructed and restored.

Other types of biohazards that we clean up include hoarding and sewage backups. Hoarders have so much trash in their homes that it is unsafe to live there. Rodents and decomposing trash cause pathogens to flourish. Additionally, sewage backups are dangerous because the sewage and even the air around it can contain pathogens. Sewage gas also emanates from sewage and is harmful.

Furthermore, we handle the cleanup of animal and human feces and urine. Rodent droppings can be harmful even if they have been left undisturbed for a long time, and breathing the air around droppings can be dangerous as well.

Each of our technicians has completed a biohazardous cleanup training and is certified to clean up various biohazardous situations. They follow the letter of the law on biohazardous cleanup, and they take their responsibility to minimize the risk of infection very seriously. They want to protect the health and safety of not only themselves, but also our clients, and the general public.  

We work with a light footprint and as discreetly as we can on every job. We value our clients’ privacy and confidentiality. All of our clients are at the core of our work. We are deeply sensitive to the emotional situations in which our clients find themselves, and we act accordingly. Call us, as we are the best biohazard cleaning company in the area.

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