Which Toilet Seat Is Good for Those with Disabilities?

For those who have disabilities, getting in and out of the toilet might be a difficult task. For this reason, some toilet seats are perfect for you. If your loved one has suffered from an accident and find it difficult to use the normal toilet, some minor adjustments can be made to the toilet. Additionally, a person recovering from hip injury, arthritis, and knee injury might also require a special toilet seat.

1. Elevated toilet seats

If you have arthritis or recovering from a hip injury and you have difficulty getting up from the toilet it is a great idea if you look for a replacement toilet seat. An elevated toilet seat is used to give the toilet the added height that will make it comfortable for you to use. The elevated toilet seats are available in different heights that match up your needs. Additionally, you can choose a toilet set that has handles to make it easier for you to use since you will be able to support yourself. The toilet seats come in two types those that clamp to the toilet bowl walls and those that are bolted at the back of the toilet seat. Most people prefer one bolted as it is more secure and safe to use.

2. Wide toilet seats

This is the perfect replacement toilet seat for a person using a wheelchair and might need the extra space. The wide toilet seats are easy to use since you have to slide in them and this makes it easy for a person using a wheelchair – shop now. Additionally, these toilet seats have an increased sitting surface which makes it safer to be used if you are in a wheelchair since you have plenty of space to land on. Moreover, the toilet seats can be used by a person with large thighs and bottoms as it can accommodate the body shape. The toilet seat is built to accommodate a weight capacity of about 2000 pounds.

3. Open front toilet seats

This toilet seat is great for people with disabilities or for men who prefer urinating while sited. The open front toilet seat has an enhanced space that allows you to urinate without causing a splash on yourself. Additionally, due to the wider opening, it makes it easier for you to reach down and wipe yourself clean. Moreover, the open front toilet seat is great for people who use a colostomy bag or a catheter. Since it provides easy access to manage the bag while sited in the toilet. However, the disadvantage of this toilet seat is the fact that there are more places and edges where the skin can be caught and pinched.


For the people living with disabilities, it might pose to be a challenge getting in and out of the toilet comfortably. This is why there are a few replacement toilet seats to make it easier for them.

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