Western Bathroom Ideas

Country or western type of décor was originated  in farming places. It is becoming very popular to say that western style is known as “cowboy” kind of western bathrooms.

If you really want to have your bathroom in “Western style” you should know,  the most important point is that you have to use only natural materials.

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You can use oak, pine wood, and even ash tree. To begin with, pine is really popular nowadays, it looks attractive and this very material is very practical and not as expensive as another kinds of material. By the way, you may combain some natural material of wood with leather or fabric. It is great for you to make some cushions in a “cowboy style”

In fact, all decorations in western style can be very appropriate for your extraordinary bathroom.

Soap, shower, sink, mirror, stands for shampoo all these things can emphasize the beauty and authenticity of Western style.

Western Style Bathroom With The Most

Last but not least, you may put some paintings on the walls. It might be portraits of cowboys or weapons in the 60 years of the 20th century. Windows and  can create a great atmosphere at home for some sculptures or small collectibles in a cowboy style ,starting wild life end nature ending with subway equipment and spurs.

10 Photos of the Western Bathroom Ideas

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