We are the Best Crime Scene Cleaners

A crime happens, and there is a large mess to clean up afterwards. Those impacted the most by the crime are in no position to clean it up themselves, as they are processing their emotions.They should not have to clean the site up themselves, and that is why we partner with local authorities and organizations. We are the best crime scene cleaners in the area, and we are proud to offer our services to the community.

With our extensive experience cleaning all kinds of crimes, we can say that we are able to clean up any type of crime scene. We are particularly familiar with those that produce blood spills, like homicides and fights. Blood spills have to be cleaned in a particular way because they cause biohazardous situations. Blood borne pathogens can infect anyone who comes into contact with the blood.

We also clean up suicide and trauma scenes, and the same situation is applicable where there is any type of bodily fluid spill, such as an unattended death. When a body is not discovered quickly, it can leave bodily fluids behind. This happens especially quickly in warm weather and in warm climates. We also deodorize in addition to disinfecting the scene of a passing.

All of our technicians have completed biohazardous cleanup training, and they are certified to safely clean up these types of situations. They follow the letter of the law in cleaning biohazardous situations, and they minimize the risk of infection by following the right safety protocols and using the proper equipment to clean and disinfect.

Our goal is to return the scene of a crime to its original state, but we cannot always do this because some of the items may be too contaminated at the scene. These items, such as flooring, carpeting, and drywall, must be discarded properly so that the area can be prepped for reconstruction and restoration.

Our clients are at the center of everything that we do, and we work with a light footprint to demonstrate respect for the living and working space of our clients. We value their privacy and confidentiality, and we work discreetly and efficiently. We arrive within an hour, in most cases, from the time we are contacted, and we usually finish our work within a few hours, without ever sacrificing the quality of our work. When you need the best crime scene cleaners, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to be of service.

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