Traditionally Unique Tuscan Bathroom Ideas

Tuscan is an Italian region and is rich in arts and culture from classical wall painting and sculpture to building and house designs. The fame and recognition of Tuscan architecture is largely because of its stylish classical wood and clay works and lamination of deeply quoted textures depicting the Italian renaissance of arts and traditions. In Italy, many cathedrals, museums and public buildings are symbols of Tuscan design and architectural excellence, and are flooded each year by high number of tourists from all over the world. The people visiting Tuscan come back with praising and carry forward the rich design ideas for their own home or office d├ęcor to look distinguished and pleasant.

The Tuscan bathrooms ideas are largely based on historical roots of traditions for centuries. The themes still in practice today can be traced back to Roman empire and renaissance times. The lovers of arts and history prefer these ideas as foremost priority when they go for designing of their own houses or offices. The strong cultural touch of Tuscan ideas depict knowledge, wisdom and artistic sense of users or admirers.


In modern Tuscan bathroom ideas, the same legacy of past is carried on which clearly exhibits richness in open and wider bathrooms, with lavish wood work and heavy furniture. Wide open windows are one of the main concepts of Tuscan bathrooms which gives fresh air and light to bathrooms and a sense of freshness. Similarly, the large and huge curtains are also essential part of Tuscan bathrooms. The fabric and silken work of embroidery on these heavy curtains is traditional hallmark of these designs.

In Tuscan bathroom designs, the special care is given to furniture and cupboards most of which are made of precious wood. The oak wood has traditionally been used in these furniture and cultural art is blended for a distinct identity.

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