Major Applications Using The Solar Cell

With the rising demand of energy, the focus is on finding the alternative sources of energy. Use of fossil fuels have contributed to global warming that not only affects the temperature of the earth but is detrimental to health, environment, and climate. No wonder extensive emphasis is being laid on the renewable source of energy to replace the use of fossil fuels. The solar radiation hitting the earth is about ten times than the consumption of electricity and the solar cell is the best means of harnessing the energy of the sun. A variety of applications use the solar cells such as the stand-alone systems and the utility interactive systems.

Utility and standalone systems

In the utility interactive systems, the solar cells are connected to the inverters for converting DC to AC and the power that is generated is them used for the household appliances or sold to the grid. Although the solar cell-powered system functions only in the presence of sunlight, it is the best option for those homes and offices that are trying to reduce the cost of electric consumption and the energy bills. Using a well-defined solar cell system with adequate storage facility is an attractive option for displacing power during the peak hours. The standalone systems on the other hand do not depend on the grid connections and use the electricity generated directly. During requirements at night, when there is no sunlight, a battery storage system is used.

Light and communication

With the advent of the LED system of lighting, the solar cell systems find it a desirable option for mobile lights and the remotelighting systems. When battery storage facility is incorporated in the solar cell lighting systems, it can be used widely for the billboards, the formation signs on the highway, the vacation cabins, trains and the parking lot can use this form of lighting everywhere. Apart from this, the signals required in the communication systems need amplification during intervals of distance and the sites of repeater stations are usually away from the electrical outlets. To reduce the difficulty of the cost associated with the generators, the solar cell system emerges as the most viable alternative.

Relief during disaster

The natural disasters also bring about a crisis of electricity as they destroy the systems that are used for the generation of electricity. During these periods when the power stays out of order for several days, the solar power systems can meet the requirements of electricity for running the water systems. Such systems are also applicable for the emergency health clinics.

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