Different Varieties of Kitchen Tiles Available These Days

Purchasing flooring tiles for kitchen is different from buying tiles for other rooms, as you will not only want the tiles to look good but also it should withstand everyday rigor and ability to protect from moisture, humidity etc.

Here, in this post we shall discuss few different varieties of Carreaux Metro kitchen tiles that you can get in the market. You can choose right kitchen tile for your home as per your choice.

  1. Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are durable, stain resistant, humidity resistant, easily replaceable if it ever gets damaged and looks good too. The only down side of ceramic tiles is its weight and hardness.

  1. Porcelain tile

Very similar to the above ceramic tiles and its durability as well as water resistance property is even better than the above tiles. It can be durable tile for any kitchen floor. Like the above ceramic tile’s porcelain tiles are also too heavy.

  1. Travertine tile

Popular flooring tile for kitchen that has got natural charm, lasts long, eco friendly and commonly available in different earth tones like tan, rust or brown. However, it may need more maintenance.

  1. Slate tile

Due to its natural beauty, slate tiles are always loved and provides contemporary look to the kitchen. These tiles are durable, strong, resistance against scratches, chips and cracks. Your resale value of home will go up by using such tiles in kitchen.

However, slate tiles may be little costly.

  1. Marble tile

Provides elegant look to your kitchen and available in many colors have polished appearance and water proof too. However, marble files can be slippery and can get scratched and stained. Also, these tiles may be little expensive.

  1. Granite tile

These are also luxury tiles like marble tile and available in number of colors. They are also durable, having natural look, hard material, stain resistant and can be a good choice for high traffic kitchen. However, it can be slippery and little expensive.

  1. Onyx tile

Onyx tile can also provide great look as kitchen tile, however it is prone to scratches and scrapes. With proper maintenance its life can be extended. Also, they are expensive.

  1. Quartzite tile

It can also be another option for kitchen floor tile and has shiny and opulent look. It is non-porous, strong, resists against scratches, chipping, cracking and impacts. It is also cost effective as compared to other available natural stone tiles. However, it can get slippery if wet.

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