Crime Scene Cleaning Services: Creepy Things You Learn From Cleaning Up A Crime Scene

If your loved one dies unusually and then it takes a couple of weeks to find the remains, who handles the cleanup? Not the police officers – their primary task is to investigate the crime scene. The cops have nothing to do with cleaning blood spills or mopping up brains. The grieving families, on the other hand, are not balanced psychologically and emotionally to scrub the bodily fluids of their loved ones out of the walls, carpets, and floors. What better option do you have? Leave this task to professional crime scene cleaning services. Here are a few things you probably don’t know about cleaning up the scene of a murder.

  1. It Could Kill You

Experts in crime scene cleaning services are exposed to lots of biohazardous substances such as a contaminated needle, blood, and rabid pest. Crime scene cleanup is indeed a dangerous job. In some cases, these experts find themselves in areas with no electricity, water or lighting. The entire area is littered with shattered glass and splintered wood. Bereaved families get angry easily.

Cleaners may find hazardous needles and syringes lying around. If you are not extra careful, then you might catch a syringe. Though it’s a dirty job, crime scene cleaning services have what it takes to do the job. They are trained for this.

  1. Suicides Happens a Lot

Most crime scene cleaning services get calls more often for suicide cases. There are quite a large number of gun-related deaths that are suicides, not murders or accidents as you’d otherwise imagine. Asides the increasing rate of suicides in our society today, suicide clean up are mostly expensive. In some cases, you’ll find a decomposed body that has stayed for a couple of weeks. Removing the bodily fluids and spills from the scene can take several hours or even days. What people don’t know is that suicide is not really the answer, regardless of how bad the situation.

  1. There’s More To It Than You Think

No doubt, crime scene cleaning services is a lucrative business. Today, many people get into the business without having a perfect understanding of what it entails. They have no idea of what they are getting into. Majority of the people is all about the money. Taking a couple of online training is not enough. You need more to get fully prepared by enrolling for a face to face class.

For some tasks, you may find out that it requires more demolition. And if you are fully prepared for such task, frustration begins to set in. Since decomposed body is basically grease and liquefied fat, then it requires thorough cleaning and scrubbing. If they saturate a porous surface, then you have to get rid of that surface.

Crime scene cleaning services respond swiftly to deaths, accidents, crime scenes and hoarding cleanup situations. Their services are much broader than you think. In addition, it is one of the riskiest jobs on the face of the planet due to the many hazards cleaners get exposed to. So if you are considering cleaning a crime scene yourself, give it a thorough thought.

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