Contact the Best Crime Scene Cleaning Company Fort Myers Florida Offers

People impacted by a crime do not want to have to consider how the mess left behind is going to get cleaned up. We offer the practical assistance they need in this situation as best crime scene cleaning company Fort Myers Florida offers and to assist them on their journeys to healing. We partner with many community organizations to offer our services.

We have cleaned up many types of crimes, such as homicides and fights that have produced blood spills. Blood spills can be harmful because blood can contain pathogens that can potentially infect someone who comes into contact with the blood. Suicide scenes are other types of situations we regularly handle, and we ensure that the cleaning and disinfection are thoroughly completed.

In addition to handling homicides and crimes where fighting have occurred, we also clean up bodily fluids, including blood, that are present at traumatic death and unattended death scenes. We know that decomposing bodies decompose more quickly in warm weather and in warm climates, so we not only disinfect but deodorize the space where a passing has occurred that was not handled immediately.

All of our technicians complete training in how to handle biologically hazardous situations and materials. They follow the letter of the law in how to clean up these types of situations so that the risk of infection is minimized for the clients, the technicians, and for the general public.

While one of our top priorities is to restore a crime scene to its original state, that is not always possible because some of the items at the scene are too contaminated. They have to be discarded properly, according to the law for cleaning biologically hazardous situations. We may have to dispose of flooring, drywall, or carpeting, for example, and this readies the space for reconstruction and restoration. We do try to save as many items of sentimental value to our clients as possible.

We work with a light footprint and do our cleaning discreetly to protect the confidentiality and privacy of each client. We are deeply sensitive to their needs and emotions after a crime has occurred. We typically arrive within an hour of being called and finish within a few hours after we start cleaning. We never trade quality of our work for speed, however. When you need the best crime scene cleaning company Fort Myers Florida can offer, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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