Common Misconceptions about Cow Hide Rugs

Rugs made using animal skin are as high in aesthetics as they are in controversy. Cowhide rugs are undoubtedly appealing and offer wonderful textural additions to a home that cannot be replicated with any other material. These rugs are available in beautiful hues of white, black and brown. Their soft natural tones are suitable for any room setting. However, there are some common misconceptions about these rugs as discussed below:

  1. They have an unbearable smell

Sure, cowhide rugs do sort of smell considering they used to be the skin of an animal, but that does not mean that the smell is very potent. Normally, a tannery will incorporate high-quality chemicals that can eliminate the odour to make it less noticeable. Leather jackets, leather furniture and other common day to day products have the same smell.

If you hold up a cowhide rug directly on the nose, you may notice a strong smell of the leather. However, if you put the cow skin rug on the floor of a big room, you definitely will not sense any sort of stench.

  1. Cowhide rugs are not resistant

Cow skin rugs are actually resistant! Take into account your leather clothes, shoes or upholstery. All these items have the same source i.e. cows. While rugs are laid on the floor and people will frequently step on them, but they still have the ability to hold up well over time.

A hide is a tough exterior layer used to guard the inner organs of the cow. Therefore, much like the purpose they were originally made for, cow hide rugs protect. The skin and leather is very tough and resistant to wear and tear.

Additionally, cowhide rugs can be cleaned, vacuumed and brushed on a regular basis. The hair should remain shiny and soft during the whole cleaning process. It should not come loose after a wash or become sparse in some areas.

  1. Cow skin rugs bring chemicals into a home

The tanning process does use some chemicals to make the hide safe for use in a home. However, this process has evolved since human beings first discovered that it was possible to preserve animal hides.

As a matter of fact, chemicals used during the tanning process do not leave behind any toxic residue on the rug. All animal skin rugs are cleaned thoroughly and designed specifically to be safe for use in any place humans live. There’s nothing risky in placing a cowhide rug in a room, particularly when you buy the rug from a great cowhide store.

Get the Cowhide Rug of Your Dreams

Cow skin rugs add an unparalleled interior décor element to a home. Having a cowhide rug does not need to involve cruelty to animals or dangerous chemicals. These rugs are safe, by-products of cows that are being reared for other purposes. Overall, they are wonderful additions to any type of room and maintaining them is not a tough task.

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