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Biohazardous situations come in many shapes and forms, but the one thing they have in common is that they should not be cleaned up by anyone but the professionals. This is important because biohazardous situations can potentially cause harm to the health of the person doing the cleaning and others who enter the area. When you need the best local biohazard cleanup services, please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help.

Hoarding is one type of biohazard that requires immediate assistance. All of the trash that has been piling up in the home for a long time draws insects, rodents, and other animals. These animals leave droppings that are biohazardous, and the animals themselves can be carriers of bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, the trash decomposing can be a breeding ground for pathogens. So the health of anyone in the house can be compromised as a result. We help hoarders work through the process of decluttering and to restore their home to a safe, livable condition.

When a building is infested with animals, their feces can cause health problems because they contain pathogens. Even the air around them can contain pathogens, so it can be dangerous to even breathe near them. We eliminate feces in an infested building after the animals have gone so that it is a safe place to live and work again.

Sewage backups are also biohazardous not only because the sewage can contain pathogens but also because the very odor it emits can contain airborne pathogens. When the sewage doesn’t move through the pipes and causes a backup, you want to call the professionals in to clean up the situation right away.

Crime scenes are another type of biohazard that we cleanup. We handle homicides, traumatic deaths, suicides, and other situations where blood is spilled or bodily fluids are released. We clean and disinfect in accordance with the law for cleaning biohazardous situations, and you can be sure that we will provide a thorough cleaning.

Our highly trained cleaners are certified to handle, remove, transport, and dispose of biologically hazardous materials. They will come quickly when you call and typically can finish cleaning up in a matter of hours. We value privacy and confidentiality of our clients and work discreetly and with a light footprint. When you need local biohazard cleanup services, contact us, and we’ll be glad to be of service.

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