Amazing features of automatic roller shutter garage doors

The doors of your garage are not only for giving your vehicles a roof to stay safe but it also protects them from burglars and bad weather. These doors are very easy and convenient to use with low energy usage and automatic technology. In Essex, people love to customize and have automatic doors for their garage. You can visit several stores selling garage doors Essex which can provide you with different forms and styles of it. You can choose from various styles like Fiber, Timber, Steel, Electric and Roller Shutter garage doors.

Among various styles, roller doors are most preferred by people for their garages. Here are some key features of such doors:

Thermal Rollers – A key feature of roller shutter garage doors is that it has thermal rollers. Your vehicle doesn’t have senses and emotions that do not mean that it can withstand any weather. Your car need warms atmosphere too for proper functioning in cold weather. These doors have a layer of insulation in them. This also adds solid and secured feature to the door which makes it weather resistant, throughout the year.

Safety features – It has several safety features to make is the safest and most secured option for your vehicles. These doors have alarm system which buzzes up the sensor when there is unusual activity around or on the door in your absence. Another safety feature is its automatic brake system i.e. whenever there is any fail in the roller mechanism then this brake holds the door from sudden fall and prevents any severe accident.

Smart Key – The roller shutter garage doors are fully automated which makes it very effortless and very convenient to use. The door is connected to a smart key which you can use to open or close the door without getting out of the car.

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